About Us

Educational consulting services

Numerix was established in 1988 to provide educational and consulting services in project management, professional development and desktop applications. Since that time, the company has provided well over a thousand training workshops to both public and private sector organisations across Australia and Asia. Our mission is to impart relevant skills to our clients in a way that explicitly recognises the particular context in which they work. Our instructors and consultants, all technical experts in their fields, are experienced professional educators, able to size up the needs of the participants, and introduce learning content in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them.

Our approach

Our approach has won us not only acclaim from our course attendees (all course evaluations are recorded and are available on request), but the ongoing loyalty of our clients. The company has a diverse set of clients both in the public and private sector ranging across the full spectrum of industries.

Project Management Specialists

We are also specialists in project management software, with particular focus on Microsoft Project. We believe that we conduct more training in this product than any other company in NSW and are regarded by many as Australia's premier consultants in this product. We conduct training from Introductory to Advanced levels in all of the products we handle. We also provide specialist consulting and development services in these tools. This includes customisation, macro development, database design and programming. Our programmers are able to build sophisticated integrated project information systems incorporating systems such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Project, Excel and in-house accounting systems.

Numerix staff have presented papers at the Australian Institute of Project Management annual conference.

Decision Management  Specialists

Since 2003, Numerix has offered a variety of services in the area of Decision Analysis.  These services have included faciliation of strategy sessions, team deliberations over important direction choices, recruitment, innvoation, site selection and many others.  We also conduct four different courses in decision-making, the centre-piece of which is the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), a modern and sophisticated technique particularly designed for handling hard-to-measure entities such as attitudes, quality, welfare and value. 

Numerix staff have presented papers at the International Symposium for the AHP in Pittsburgh, USA and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.





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