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  Decision Facilitation

The Benefits

In addition to outstanding results, the approach we offer will not only produce outstanding outcomes, but will introduce or re-enforce a uniform and structured approach to all strategic and tactical decisions. In this way, your organisation will develop a decision structure which generates confidence in decision management, which is, after all, the lifeblood of its success.

Facilitation Sessions

We will facilitate decision sessions with your executive or senior management team. This will involve the development of a clear statement of decision objective, decision options, decision criteria and sub-criteria. Using the Analytic HIerarchy Process (AHP - click here for more information) we will take the team through a process of evaluating the various options against criteria and sub-criteria. The approach offers the best protection against overly subjective evaluations and will help move the deliberations toward majority agreement if not consensus. Our consultants will make use of a variety of tools to assist with the recording and documenting of the discussions.

The Analysis

The results of the analysis will be evident to the team members as the process unfolds since they will have a direct role in it. Numerix consultants will be further responsible for the final results which are usually delivered during the session. However, final checking will be done within a day or two of the facilitation and be delivered in the form of a decison report.

The Decision Report

A final report will be prepared by our consultants and be delivered within a week of the final decision facilitation. The contents of the report will include the details of the decision, including the various options and criteria considered, as well as a record of the evaluations that led to the conclusion.

This document is designed to act as a record which will help with decision justification and explanation. We have found that the rigorous approach used, along with its careful documentation in the report diffuses even highly controversial decisions because of the clarity and transparency of the approach used.

Decision Presentation

Numerix consultants will be available to present the decision to Boards, Panels, steering committees and other higher level decision-making bodies on behalf of the executive team. This session can serve to explain how the decision was reached to answer any specific questions about it.





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