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  Strategic Planning and Decision-Making Facilitation

We provide facilitation services to senior or middle-management teams in which we assist them in tackliing real and immediate problems.   These can be in the area of strategic planning, issue management, innovation and project management.  

Specifically we can help with:

  • Facilitating decision sessions.
  • Generating and prioritising ideas within teams.
  • Planning and implementing strategy.
  • Facilitating project scope and work-breakdown sessions.
  • Developing a uniformly applied decision processes.
Our approach is a collaborative one, making use of tools vital for idea generation, innovation, prioritisation, decision-making and consensus building. We can also assist with the design of effective executive decision structures and processes which focus on:
  • A uniform approach to all decisions.
  • Prioritisation processes.
  • Documentation, justification and promotion.
  • Decision record-keeping.
  • The use of simple decision tools.
  • Group-decision making.
  • Brainstorming and selection.
  • The establishment of Internal decision centres.






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