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  Optimal Strategic Management

We will work with your executive or strategic planning team, taking them through a process we have developed in order to optimise the identification and management of strategic initiatives. The process involves the following broad steps:

  1. 1. Identify the relative Strategic Value of alternative strategic initiatives
  2. 2. Identify an increasingly accurate costing for these initiatives
  3. 3. Identify an increasingly accurate risk profile for these initiatives
  4. 4. Identify the available budget for these initiatives
  5. 5. Determine the optimal set of project initiatives, i.e. the group optimises strategic value while remaining within
  6. desirable cost and risk constraints.

These steps are performed iteratively so that by means of progressive refinement, the appropriate degree of accuracy can be achieved for the effort invested. The process involves the integraton of the following areas of expertise:

Strategic Planning

We will facilitate sessions that produce clear and concise articulations of the corporate vision. Using a rich set of tools and techniques, we will help your organisation convert these into realistic and properly planned strategic initiative candidates whose cost/benefit ratios will be clearly evident.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic value can only be realised if the appropriate portfilio of projects is selected. The selection must comply with budgetary, risk, resource and interdependence constraints.  We can advise and assist executive teams in this optimisation process using modern and easily implemented techniques.

Strategic Project Management

The efficient generation of strategic initiative costing and risk profiles is achieved via our expertise with trusted project management techniques. We have established an enviable reputation for training and consulting services in this area over twenty years.





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