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  Advanced Microsoft Excel
In-house Customised Courses and Training Workshops

With our help, Microsoft Excel can become an enormously powerful tool to help you in any area of business, administration, engineering, finance, data management and more.

In our courses, you will learn to implement powerful formulae and functions to transform radically your productivity regardless of your particular application area.

Depending upon your company's area of interest, you could also learn to use advanced financial features, create date-driven applications, manage databases, build sophisticated pivot-table reports - perhaps augmented by statistical analysis - it is all there at your finger tips.

We will work with you and your  colleagues in the context of your own files and applications and will empower you with the confidence and skill to investigate and explore all parts of the Excel landscape.

The training is designed to take you beyond your current level and can be feature or application focused, depending upon your requirements.

Learning group sizes can vary from one-on-one training to groups of twelve participants. Pricing is negotiated according to group size. 

The content will be shaped by your needs.

Topics covered could include:

  • Advanced Excel Functions
  • Advanced Excel Formulae 
  • Pivot Tables
  • Scenario Management
  • Custom Views
  • Using the Report Manager
  • Working with Macros
  • What-If Analysis
  • Creating your own Interface
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming
For our Excel PowerPivot training course please click here.

These courses are customised and durations are set to suit participant needs.  If required, the training can be conducted in the context of in-house case-studies or current work projects so that quite apart from the learning, real work can be performed.  

Our Quality is guaranteed!

Please feel free to call (02 8076 6007) or email us without obligation to discuss your advanced training needs.





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