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  Decision-Making Training

The processes and tools we focus on in our range of educational and facilitational services are ideal for teams at any level of an organisation in their quest to innovate, evaluate, strategise, allocate or indeed make decisions or selections of any kind.  The methods are designed to stimulate the expression of opinions and views, draw out differences and then reconcile them to achieve consensus fearlessly.  The transparency of  the approach renders the recommendations and conclusions easy to promote, defend and justify – giving accountable decision-makers the confidence they need.

Feel free to call (02 8076 6007) or email us to find out more about the range of services we can offer your organisation to make decisions more effectively and more quickly.

Under expert the expert guidance of our facilitators and instructors, your people will develop a structured, consultative and self-documenting methodology that suits the working environment to the point where it could become the common feature of all decisions made.  The following are some of the courses we offer in this area:

Successful Decision-Making
Prioritisation Training
Introduction to the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Advanced Applications of the AHP





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