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  A Short Course in Priotisation

As humans, we prioritise all of the time.  Much of this activity is sub-conscious as when we choose the lift rather than the stairs or one restaurant over another.  We make choices like these thousands of times a day without realising it.  Daniel Kahneman, the 2002 Nobel Prize winner calls this ‘System 1’ thinking – quick, effortless and usually successful.

However, we are less adept at making bigger decisions, such as what to work on, what is important, where to allocate the budget, which projects to select.  These are not amenable to ‘System 1’ thinking because they are more complex, having multiple and often conflicting criteria associated with them.

System 2 thinking requires a more measured approach.  The techniques we cover in this course are designed to help leaders, groups or individuals to consider the relative merits of options to be considered and to prioritise them in a way that is transparent, justifiable and sound.

This course will provide the opportunity for participants to learn the techniques and then apply them to their real workplace-based dilemmas and decision.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what a prioritisation is
  • Apply comparison techniques
  • Deal with intangible criteria (quality, attitude, ethics)
  • Deal with multiple criteria
  • Express and apply personal or organisational values
  • Develop hierarchies and networks to reflect criteria
  • Interpret the resulting priorities
  • Documenting the prioritisation
  • Facilitate a group prioritisation.

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