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  Successful Decisions

Decision making is the most important function in any business. At Numerix, we have gained much insight in our many years' experience in the area of project management and have formulated a unique process to overcome common obstacles faced by managers. According to research conducted on corporate decision making processes - the most common problems are:

  1. 1. Personal Agendas, Egos
  2. 2. Political Issues
  3. 3. Incompatible Personalities

This course is a must for executive managers and boards, to tackle the problems above to allow a clearer flow of information and encourage the generation of creative ideas.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the structure of a decision
  • Define objectives, options and criteria
  • Prioritise criteria and attributes
  • Documenting a decision
  • Deal with uncertainty
  • Consider emotional issues
  • Utilise modern tools and techniques
  • Satisfy accountability and transparency requirements
  • Application of knowledge to own decision

What our Participants say about the Course:

'Logical, provides better framework for info gathering.' - Managing Director

'Very comprehensive, with a well managed pace. Mathematical approach very useful for complex decisions' Managing Director

'Excellent.. Very practical, taught by a very experienced instructor' CEO

'Very relevant, provided good tips - very good instruction and absolutely affected the way I now make decisions.' - Director

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