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  Microsoft Project Customised Training

We offer customised training for individuals, small groups and teams, conducted at your site or ours. The content and pace is adjusted to suit specific needs and post-course support is included.

You will develop all the skills you need to become productive with this tool easily and quickly - certainly within a single day.

Please call (02 8076 6007) or email us to discuss your needs.

Learn to assemble a project plan quickly by structuring your tasks, adding durations and setting an appropriate sequence.  A clear and attractive Gantt chart will provide a graphic indication of your schedule.  Define and assign resources, both people and materials, and by adding their respective cost rates you will have a project costing in no time.  Add a few reports and you will be able to communicate your plan to your clients and stakeholders clearly.

You will also learn how to set baselines, monitor progress and update the schedule where necessary.  
For more details please see the introductory course outline.

For more advanced training, please check our advanced course outline.  You can help customise this course by telling us which areas of the program your group is particularly interested in.

Our courses are tailored, flexible and conducted at the pace at which your group is comfortable.  Adventurous learners can be given additional tasks while those wishing to consolidate their skills are given the opportunity to practise under the guidance of the instructor.

  • You will learn the most efficient ways of achieving various functions and benefit from our instructors' long experience with this product.

  • You are invited to bring along your own projects to work on as part of the exercise activity

  • You will also have access to your instructor for post-course support by email or phone.

  • We offer a money-back guarantee for a high-quality effective learning experience.


Our consultants can work with your teams to establish properly integrated project schedules and budgets, or assist with implementing estimating, earned value analysis and other techniques within Microsoft Project.

We also provide developmental (VBA) services whereby we can build customised applications in Microsoft Project to add specific features that the product does not automtically possess.   These can relate to importing data from databases, creating customised reports or providing specific calculations your work environment might require.

Please call (02 8076 6007) or email us to learn more about how we can help you get more from Microsoft Project.  

Microsoft Project Courses

Introduction to Microsoft Project

Advanced Microsoft Project

Individual and Small Group Courses

Numerix is one of the leading experts in the use of Microsoft Project in Australia and our experience spans a wide range of industries.

We have conducted workshops in all levels of this product since its inception in 1990. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of this software and are able to help our participants extract the absolute maximum from this package in order to assist them in the planning, control and reporting of their project.

The training can also be integrated into the project management training program.





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