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  Advanced Microsoft Project

Learning Outcomes

Attendees of this program will emerge able to:

  • Share resources across multiple projects.
  • Consolidate projects.
  • Produce multiple project reports.
  • Customise Views, Tables, Filters and Groups.
  • Interact with Word processors, Spreadsheets and Database Packages.
  • Use new and interesting features of the product.

Summary of Course

This course has been designed for those who have some experience with Microsoft Project and who wish to become familiar with some of the more advanced features of the product.  It is particularly useful for those who have been using earlier versions of the product and who wish to become conversant with some of the new features in the current version of Microsoft Project. (Click here for Introductory Course outline)


Course Outline

Brief Review Exercise

  • Data Entry
  • General Planning Reports
  • The WBS


Managing Multiple Projects

  • Sharing Resource Pools
  • Consolidating Projects
  • External Databases



  • Customising Filters
  • Designing Tables/Views
  • Project Templates
  • Grouping tasks



  • Workgroups
  • Updating progress



Interfacing with other Software

  • DDE and OLE
  • Importing/ Exporting Data and Tables
  • Embedding Charts in Word
  • Data exchange with Excel
  • PivotTable Views and Charts
  • Report Templates


Miscellaneous Features

  • Variable Resource Availability
  • Multiple Cost Rates
  • Working with Formulae
  • New Editing Features
  • Using Outline Codes
  • Using Graphical Indicators
  • Using Pick Lists


Project Control

  • Using Timesheets
  • Automatic Updates
  • Creating Useful Control Views






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