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  Project Management Courses

We specialise in the training of corporate groups and our workshops can be customised to incorporate issues and challenges specific to your company. A highlight of our training is the use of individual or group workplace-based projects as a means of drawing out important ideas and techniques. Participants develop vital skills and practice these new skills in a relevant and motivating environment.

Fundamentals of Project Management
This course is most recommended for those who are new to project management. It provides the fundamental knowledge and gives participants a chance to develop their own projects, ensuring the skills they learn are relevant and applicable to real-life work.

Fundamentals of Project Management
This two-day Introductory course covers the same ground as the one-day course, however this goes into more detail of all the topics, and includes two additional modules: Estimating and Communication.

Topics in Advanced Project Management
If your corporate group has project management experience, we can extend their skills and knowledge, providing them with practical hands-on experience which will transform the way they work.

Project Estimating
This course is designed for those whose role requires better estimating. Participants will be shown how to make meaningful, realisticestimates that can be defended when the need arises.





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