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  Advanced Project Management

This is a highly customised workshop with content details and duration being determined through consultation with the client. The course is interactive and participants will work in small teams, solving problems and presenting their results.  Each team will require a laptop or iPad equipped with spreadsheet software.

General Aims

The general aims of this course are to provide project managers with modern advanced tools and techniques with which to extend their effectiveness.

Major Themes

  • Project and Program Integration
  • Dealing with Uncertainty (‘Agile’ Approaches)
  • Estimating using Prioritisation
  • Progress Measurement and its Interpretation
  • Leadership and Team Effectiveness
  • Managing Multiple Projects
  • Project Selection for Portfolio Management

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply advanced planning techniques and tools, including relative estimating and probability-based forecasting.
  • Employ ‘Agile’ methodologies to respond to the challenge of planning and controlling project work marked by innovation and uncertainty.
  • Identify key behaviours characteristic of well-functioning project teams and examine approaches to cultivate these.
  • Implement prioritisation techniques and apply these to any decision – but particularly those made in the context of project management.
  • Use appropriate indicators in order to diagnose the health of a task, phase, project or program in progress
  • Learn to lead innovation project teams.





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