Decision Management

How well does your organisation perform at the vital function of decision-making and decision management?
  • Do your teams get into endless discussions without the confidence to reach a conclusion?
  • Does disappointment amongst those who do not prevail in a decision become a problem?
  • Do you have difficuly in justifying or explaining decisions to others?
  • Does your organisation prioritise properly?
  • Do you have trouble extracting reasoned argument from team members in support of ideas?
  • Do you have a structured repeatable process to deal with complex and far-reaching issues?
  • Does your organisation maintain a history of decisions and their outcomes?

If you answered no to a majority of these questions you and your colleagues could benefit enormously from our training, consulting or facilitation.
Exectuvies, managers and team leaders will learn;
  • how to faciliate brainstorming sessions
  • draw expressions of preference and priority from their groups
  • reach consensus and transparency
  • to explain and justify decisions on a rational and transparent basis
  • to document the details - paramount in any decision-management process
  • to develop templates so that rolling decisions are dealt with promptly and easily
  • to make use of qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis
  • to use increase decision efficiency by improving outcomes in shorter deliberating time
  • ...and much more.


We will facilitate decision sessions with your executive or senior management team. This will involve the development of a clear statement of decision objective, decision options, criteria and decision-facilitation. [more]


Our customised ‘Successful Decision-Making' course will introduce a methodology that can be used for any type of decision. [more]


Our experienced consultants can help you develop a decision methodology, provide and customize software tools that can help document, analyse and communicate decision [more]





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