Challenge 1: Location selection

Location selection is a headache that is beyond just developing, leasing, buying - it's range of variables within variables - information is all gathered but it is still unclear which location is best?

Here is a case study to illustrate how Numerix can help.

Case Study - Selection of site for a proposed community centre

A local council had to choose between 6 different sites for the optimal balance of the following criterion:

  • Accessibility
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Compatibility with the council’s strategies
  • Agreeable with nearby residents
  • Functionality

How we helped:

Numerix worked with the management team responsible for the decision and focused on the issues that mattered most in relation to this decision. The criterion were evaluated, taking into consideration the sub-criterion (eg; for the ‘functionality’ criteria, and under this, ‘flow and design’, ‘traffic management’ and ‘parking had to be considered). These evaluations were then weighted and an outcome was reached. We then wrote a formal report which documented the logical process that was followed to show the Council how the decision was reached.


The outcome was surprising to all involved, and though there was some initial concern as to whether the Council would accept the decision – however upon reading the report, the Council accepted the decision with no questions asked.





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