Excel Consulting and Development

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Our team of database design and construction specialists will develop a customised turn-key application that provides precisely the functionality you require.

We have developed dozens of systems in areas such as quoting, pricing, manufacturing, risk management, project reporting among many others. These systems have simple and familiar user-interfaces, characterized by drop-down menus, lists, button and check-boxes so that no training is required whatever for them to be used.

Our analysts will work with you to determine precisely how this system would best work. Our development cycle includes an early working prototype so that end-users have a clear idea of how the system will work and have a further opportunity to influence the nature and function of the system.

We have over twenty five years of experience with Excel.  We can work with you to build the application to suit your requirements perfectly. This can be a combination of training and consulting, with you determining the mix. We provide any kind of assistance you need. This can include:

  • Analysing your problem and suggesting solutions
  • Designing user-friendly spreadsheet layouts
  • Using powerful formulae and functions (the heart of a spreadsheet)
  • Improving your graphics
  • Producing attractive and professional looking formats
  • Developing user-defined functions for specific requirements
  • Creating customized macros
  • Empowering your spreadsheet by means of Visual Basic code
  • Linking together multiple sheets and files for powerful consolidations
  • Introducing drop-down menus and other easy to use spreadsheet controls
  • Designing special reports
  • Automating the system so that anyone can use it
  • Developing powerful search and sort functionality in the spreadsheet
  • Using the power of Pivot Tables to make your data come alive
  • And much more!

We can show you how to audit the sheet, check on links, name cells, allow formats to depend upon cell values, manipulate text and use a myriad of largely unknown functions that make life so much easier.

Let the spreadsheet work for you rather than against you.





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