1. Familiarisation

At least two weeks prior to the training day, we arrange for the assigned instructor to make contact so they can gain an understanding of the context of the training by finding out the roles of the participants, company culture and a pre course survey will be conducted.

2. Course Design

The course content is then designed according to the needs reflected in the familiarisation stage. We will also incorporate any current projects as exercises.

3. Training

On the day, we ensure that the course is conducted with the right balance of theoretical concepts and practical application. Much of the time spent will involve the immediate application of skills to current workplace issues.

4. Assessment and Reporting

A review of the training is more than simply post-course evaluation forms. We would like to know that participants have benefitted from the training in the longer term, and so, six months after the training date, we conduct a post course assessment. which is included in the initial course fee. This is done via a questionnaire and a report will be produced with the analysis of the results.

5. Post-Training Activities & Support

Depending on the results, participants may need a refresher session to allow them to address any problems that they may have, and to keep them motivated. In between this, participants will have free ongoing access to Numerix consultants by means of telephone or email.

Many of Numerix's courses count towards recognised academic programs through our affiliation with Motivate Training, a Registered Training Organisation.





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